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Cosmopolitan - "This multi-tasking buffing Brush is specifically designed to achieve seamless airbrushed complexion with ease."

Glamour - " They are very soft and multi-purpose. You can easily achieve high performance results with a smooth, blended finish. "

ELLE - "These travel-sized makeup brushes by SpicyChoco Beauty could easily be the softest makeup brushes you have ever owned! "




Vogue - "This latex-free makeup sponge designed by SpicyChoco will transform your makeup routine! Designed to be used for foundation, concealer, blush, highlight and contour, this multi-purpose product simplifies the makeup application process."



Harper's Bazaar - "Look no further if you are looking for a new product to simplify your makeup application. This multi-purpose EggBlend™ beauty sponge by SpicyChoco will apply your foundation fast and flawlessly. It becomes super soft and bouncy when damp and features three distinct surfaces that enable you to optimize and tailor your makeup application."



Vogue - "SpicyChoco Beauty specialises in creating high-quality travel-sized makeup brushes, making them the perfect companion for on the go makeup applications. Their entire range is handcrafted with ultra-soft natural or synthetic hair and covered with a 2-year warranty. "



Glamour - "Time to refresh your spring makeup bag with these cute travel-sized makeup brushes. Perfect for carrying in your handbag for a quick touch-up throughout the day. They are individually hand-crafted with ultra-soft natural or synthetic hair. Probably the SOFTEST makeup brushes you have ever touched."

 Condé Nast Travellers - " A brand dedicated in making the most luxurious travel-sized makeup brushes. The natural bristles are so soft that it will blow your mind away. Every brush comes with a protective leather sleeve. Definitely a travel makeup bag must have!"