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3. Cheekiss
3. Cheekiss

3. Cheekiss

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To describe this brush is simple! one of the SOFTEST make up brushes on the planet! It’s like air touching on your face! Be ready to be blown away by its softness! 


It seamlessly applies:


Highlights and contour

Under eye setting powder

Finishing powder

Why you will love it:


  • Hand crafted art – the bristles have NEVER been cut to its shape. Instead, each piece is individually hand made by our expert brush makers. Using only the tips of the highest quality squirrel hair on our bristles to give your skin the softest and silkiest touch!
  • The bristles are so soft that it will NEVER overload pigment on your face. Natural blended finish is easily achieved with Cheekiss without professional make up skills.       
  • Dome shape design was chosen for its precision, control, and ability to function as multi-taskers.


What else you need to know:


  • The bristles are at its natural colour and have never been dyed. This is to prevent any chemical irritations on your skin.                                                                                         
  • Every Cheekiss is well protected in its specially designed leather sleeve. It is the perfect size to tote around in your purse for touch ups.
  • Hair type: Squirrel hair