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Party Animal Face & Eye Set
Party Animal Face & Eye Set

Party Animal Face & Eye Set

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Perfect for the party animals! This set can easily create beautiful sultry smokey eyes and flawless complexion for your holiday/weekend night out! 

Why you’ll love it:

  • This set comes with every brush you’ll need to conquer the latest makeup trends - from naturally flawless, to bright and bold.
  • Designed for travel each brush is roughly 11cm – the perfect travel companion
  • EggBlend Sponge is a multi-functional sponge which has a versatile design to evenly blend makeup for a smooth and enhanced finish. 

    This set contains:

    13.Blemma (Classic eyeshadow blending brush that helps create perfect shade gradation)

    14.Bulletina (for eyeshadow application on the crease of eyes)

    15.Flamie (precise application and blending in the crease of the eye.)

    16.Accent (smudge along the lash line and in the crease)

    18.Linette (precision tool for lash lines and eyelids. Perfect for both lose and pressed formulas.)

    EggBlend #1 ( Flawlessly apply cream, liquid and powder face products)