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EggBlend Beauty Sponge #1
EggBlend Beauty Sponge #1
EggBlend Beauty Sponge #1
EggBlend Beauty Sponge #1

EggBlend Beauty Sponge #1

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Optimize your beauty routine with this 4-in-1, multi-functional sponge which has a versatile design to evenly blend makeup for a smooth and enhanced finish.

Why You’ll love it?

It does much more than any ordinary sponge on the market:

 1.The gently arched side cups along the contours of your face and maximizes contact area; ultimately speeding up the application of foundation.

2.The flat semi-circle side along the tip is the perfect complement for applying under eye concealer and cream contouring products.

3.The round body is perfectly moulded for universal blending and applying blush.

4.The flat tip of the sponge is specialized for precision tasks such as cleaning the lip lines, apply highlights under your brow bones, or concealing around your nose. It is also perfect for thinning foundation for a sheer coverage.

What else you need to know: 
  • You can use it wet or dry depending on your skin types, season and finish that you desire.
  • The EggBlend is latex free and also anti-bacterial.
  • The packaging that comes with the EggBlend is both reusable and recyclable so that you can travel with your EggBlend easily.
  • Consider the EggBlend Sponge Combo Set to both of the Eggblend Sponge shapes for a better value.