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ChocoBlenders™ Velvet Combo Set
ChocoBlenders™ Velvet Combo Set

ChocoBlenders™ Velvet Combo Set

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This set contains 2 microfibre sponges. - 1 TearBlend™ Velvet, 1 BlushBlend™ Velvet

Why You’ll love it?

  • A sponge that doesn't absorb your makeup!

Our ultra-soft microfibre technology prevents makeup products, such as foundation, from being absorbed into the sponge, meaning your sponge will save 50% of your makeup

  • Perfect for full coverage or matte finish makeup!

They are made with a lightweight, velvety soft microfibre material, giving you full coverage and an airbrushed makeup finish.

  • Could be used Wet or Dry

Wet: liquid foundations, concealers, and contour.

Dry: powder products, such as powder foundation, blush, and highlighters.

What else you need to know: 

  • The EggBlend is latex free and also anti-bacterial.
  • The packaging that comes with the blenders is both reusable and recyclable so that you can travel with your blenders easily.