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5. Universelle
5. Universelle
5. Universelle
5. Universelle

5. Universelle

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What it is: 

A universal, do-it-all brush that expertly picks up the right amount of pigment, making it ideal for powder, bronzer, and blush application. [Silver ferrule-Part of the SpicyChoco LITE collection]

Why you’ll love it : 

  •  Its distinctive silhouette features a tongue shape and tapered rhombus shape(side view) bristles. This unique design perfectly crushes pigments and polishes your skin leaving an even, luminous, and skin-embracing result.
  • Featuring the ChocoLITE™ fibre bristles – one of our SOFTEST bristles that mimic closest to that of natural animal hair fibres designed by SpicyChoco.
  • ChocoLITE™ Bristles also boasts its quick-dry properties. Your brushes are able to air dry in as short as 3 hours. Perfect for those who live in humid cities.
  • The compact size (L: 14cm) makes this a great travel companion for a quick touch up on the go.

What else to know:

  • Individually handcrafted and covered by our 2-year quality warranty.
  • The bristles have been treated with an antibacterial treatment.  
  • It comes with a leather protective sleeve to fit in the smallest handbags while keeping the brush and your bag clean.