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12. Eyela
12. Eyela
12. Eyela
12. Eyela

12. Eyela

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A large shadow brush that flawlessly blends eyeshadow with gorgeous results. 

Why you’ll love it? 

  • Smudge and diffuse colour with just one sweep of this blending brush.
  • The natural goat bristles softly glide over the skin with a silky touch and apply pigment with ease.
  • The tip of the brush is less dense than the centre, encouraging perfect blending. Double the use of this brush and use it to apply liquid concealers under the eyes for a brighter, airbrushed look. 

What else you need to know: 

  • The bristles are at its natural colour and have never been dyed. This is to prevent any chemical irritations on your skin.
  • All of the SpicyChoco eye brushes are approximately 11cm in length, which makes it long enough to comfortably hold in your hand and short enough to travel in our smallest purse
  • Hair type: Highest quality goat hair
  • This brush is also available in 'Ready in 3' Eye and Brow set and Eye and Brow Complete 10 Set