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Lastest product reviews by 'Wellness by Kels'

Hi Sweeties,

Our products are recently reviewed by Australian beauty and lifestyle blog 'Wellness by Kels'. 

Beauty expert Kelsie tests out tons of new beauty products on a daily basis. Let's take a look at what she has to say about our products! 

"How often do you come across a new makeup brush, or sponge, and fall in love at first use? I am someone that is always looking for the next best thing and tend to try brushes a few times at the most, before forgetting about them and looking for new ones. So when I find brushes that hold my attention, and in particular, ones I can't stop using, I have to let you guys know about them!

Spicy Choco currently offer three different face brushes that are multi-purpose, allowing you to declutter your makeup bag of unnecessary brushes! Their brushes are amazing quality; all individually hand crafted with the softest and highest quality natural hair. They feel and look luxurious, and are the perfect addition to my makeup collection. Their compact size makes them perfect for travel, which has been great for me as I have been travelling a lot lately! They also come with a super cute red leather pouch, which is as gorgeous as it is functional.

The Cheekiss brush is my absolute favourite brush from the collection. The brush is made from squirrel hair (even designer brands don't use this hair as it is so expensive to source!), and it is the softest brush to ever grace my face! The softness and fluffiness of the brush makes it ideal for anyone to use, even makeup beginners, as it picks up the perfect amount of product without overloading your brush. This brush makes my makeup look flawless, and I can't stop reaching for it! I use it to apply any loose powder or setting powder products, as it sweeps the product across my skin evenly, and without causing any cakiness. I also use it for bronzer as it prevents me being too heavy handed and turning orange!
The Blendarina brush has become another favourite of mine. I generally avoid using brushes to apply liquid products like foundation as I find the finish streaky, but I love the finish of the Blendarina! It gives an even, flawless, streak-free look due to the dense brush head. I also find it great for applying liquid and cream highlight and contour, as it makes application and blending super easy and makes my makeup look like it was done by a pro (it wasn't!). This brush is also soft and feels like great quality.

I am completely obsessed with this company and their products, and can't wait for them to expand their line! "
Good news is that we are definitely expanding our line. Kelsie's favorites from our line are Blendarina and Cheekiss brush. What's yours? 
Team Spicy Choco 


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