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How to perfectly sculpt your cheeks and make your contouring last all day

Hi Sweeties, 

Contouring has been a beauty secret of celebrities for far too long, but it's now the makeup step that everyone can't live without! Today, we would love to show you the right way to sculpt your face and also make sure your contouring lasts all day! 

Corrine recently created a tutorial of a full coverage foundation routine. Our take away from this tutorial is that applying a cream bronzer before your contour powder gives it something to hold on to throughout the day!  We tried it and it really worked!!

Please enjoy this clip to quickly show you how to combine the use of cream and powder bronzers to perfectly sculpt your face. 

The brushes used in this look are Blendarina and Setina brush. 

If you are interested in the full tutorial of Corrine's full coverage foundation routine, please follow this link

Love you all :) 

Team SpicyChoco Beauty 



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